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20 - 24 June

The Wild Witch undresses her wilderness body before the Priest.
The Priest falls dead to the floor and goes up in flames.  Flames of Desire.
From his ashes the Beast is born, the new one is risen, free once again.
It was long ago that the priest killed the Beast. When he did, fear took birth.

Primal Power is that which we fear when we tread our path in the confining and unstable shoes of religion, culture and ideology.

These shoes that trample the witches breast must be cast off, so that we may once again dance to the rhythm of Nature.
The Wilderness cry is the Healing cry that comes from a Womb-Deep cave within us.
On this retreat we learn to stand upon our Beast paws, evoking our instinctual wisdom to guide us to freedom.

Once again the circle of Hatha Tantra Mantra is opened for the deep healing of Body and Soul. We shall come together in the circle of power to seek deep healing through an ancient and rare Yoga practice of Hatha Tantra Mantra.
These secret Tantric practices, combining asanas, breath-worth and chanting will lead us into altered states of consciousness and guide us on a powerful journey of healing.

This retreat is concerned with bringing the power that wonders through the labyrinth of the Mind back into the the limbs of nature within the human animal.
Upon our Beast paws the cry of the Wilderness can travel out of our inner-most depths beyond the the Mind where fear can keep us trapped in a web of unconscious patterns and unfounded beliefs.
The mind is where fear resides, but the Wilderness Cry extends beyond the walled boundaries of the Mind, calling us to follow it towards an infinite nature.

Instinctual wisdom is the essence of the human animal.

We carry the infinite power of Life within us.
This life-force can get limited and even twisted when confined to the mind.
Health on all levels is when the impulse of life is grounded in feeling experience.

The source of the power that destroys is of the same source as the power that creates.
This work will help to show us how we are creating our life and relationships by the use of that power
Conversely if left unresolved, they can pile up and become barriers that obscure the vision of Love within relationship.

The circle of Heart that we will be creating together is a place of seeing how we are using and putting out our power and effecting ourselves and those close to us.

Looking within ourselves
and also into the circle….

We will open our eyes to the potentials of power as a healing tool within ourselves and within relationship.

The Wilderness Cry will be cried from a womb-deep-cave and nature shall be restored
So may it be


The diet on these retreats will be a traditional yogic mono diet of detoxifying Kitcheri – a mixture of half mungbeans & half rice, fruits & vegetables. Used as a healing food (one of the best diets to rid the body of accumulated toxins), Kitcheri is an ancient detoxifying yogic formula used for thinning the veil between the spirit and the physical worlds. It is classically undertaken for 5 days, which is the length of the retreat.


A short interview with Boonath.


Listen to what participants had to say.

“It shifted my understanding of what Yoga actually is,
on a fundamental level”

Farmer & Activist | UK


In these full-immersion retreats you will practice a form of Yoga that is rarely available and accessible even in India today. You will take part in a sacred Yogic tradition that roots itself in India’s native shamanic wisdom & Tantric lineage handed down orally between generations of Yogis, Babas, Sadhus and Fakirs.
You will be exposed to the old tantric ways of seeking profound healing and spiritual awakening, including practicing in darkly-lit spaces to quieten the mind and awaken the senses to the body’s subtle energy currents, holding simple postures for long periods of time, and engaging in powerful breath-work to open-up the body and take the mind into altered states of consciousness.


The practice draws on postures seldom used in modern styles of yoga, ancient sequences that honour the mother and the divine feminine, gently opening-up the body to its highest levels of flexibility through minimal effort.
Integral to this experience will be the exploration of sound-currents present in the body (Nada Yoga) – perhaps one of Yoga’s greatest secrets and one of the most powerful vehicles through which the karmic patterns stored in the chakras can be accessed and released in pursuit of profound healing.


Unique to this tradition is its simultaneous employment of Asanas (postures), aerobic & anaerobic Pranayam (breathwork), Mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred sounds).
The synergy created by the employment of these various yogic tools will lead you into altered states of consciousness and dream-like experiences aimed at facilitating a greater openness to inward journeying and an easier access to your subconscious.


Because we are going to play with shamanic yogic traditions, the practice will take place outside of clearly time constraints. In line with this approach, there will be no predefined time schedule in order to allow the energy of the group to flow freely, and for the teacher to guide the practice in accordance with the group’s energy and needs. Classes, ceremonies, exercises, chanting, eating and even sleeping will happen naturally and not according to a fixed time. Participants will be expected to take part in every session  and it will not be possible to dip in & out of the practice. Participants will be expected to spend some time every day helping with the preparations of meals and the tidying of the yogashala.


The retreat is suitable for beginners & advanced practitioners. In particular to all those seeking a deeply healing experience. The practice does not involve strenuous physical exercise, but physical flexibility will be necessary to participate in the retreat. Because places are typically limited to 12 participants, priority will be given to those with a serious intention & commitment to leaving their comfort zone & seeking genuine change. Yoga teachers, bodyworkers & shamanic practitioners will benefit from the retreat as they will learn rare tantric healing techniques. The retreat is not suitable for people with serious forms of psychosis. If you are a regular user of alcohol or drugs please discuss the issue with us prior to booking, thank you.

The practie usually takes place in the dark or darkly-lit spaces.
The pictures below were taken during the closing circle on the final morning of the retreat.
They capture the flow of a practice spent grounding before returning home.



BOONATH was born into a life of yoga. He grew up between Europe and India and was introduced as a child to yoga through his grandparents who were on both sides yoga practitioners.
His grandparents took him on his first Himalayan pilgrimage when he was just seven years old and he has been exposed to the world of yogis eversince. Most of his family still lives in India and he has been travelling there regularly for over thirty years in his pursuit of yoga. He has worked closely in apprenticeship with two elders in the line of Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of healing and holds much knowledge in the use of herbs, astrology, rituals, mantras and bodywork among other things.
Boonath has been working in this line and helping people with the implementation of these techniques for over 20 years to successfully overcome mental and physical problems, from chronic pain to alcoholism.
Boonath’s healing and yoga work sees him travelling across the whole of Europe to give workshops and healing sessions. In Latvia he did live and teach for a period of years and has become one of the most respected teachers there.
His travels and yoga workshops continue to benefit people in deprived circumstances. In recent years Boonath has been living and teaching yoga in Germany where he has regular students and teaches intensives to aspiring teachers, including Kim, with whom Boonath co-founded Working with the Shadow in 2014, whilst teaching in the yoga-collective Kim set-up in an economically deprived neighbourhood of Berlin.
As part of his training, Boonath also undertook a deep study of more Modern systems of yoga taught in the West, including a Anusara teachers Certificate and an Ashtanga primary series certificate studying closely with celebrity teachers, such as Anna Forrest of Forrest yoga, David life of Jivamukti yoga, Gurumukh Kaur Khalsa of Kundalini Yoga, Senior Iyengar teachers, Shandoor Remmete of Shadow yoga, and Mark Whittwell of the Yoga of Heart foundation, who has become a close friend of Boonath. These formal studies and encounters have all left their impression on Boonath, but his teachings are deeply rooted in the more Shamanic traditions of the mystical Babas and Fakirs of India, with whom Boonath has been studying closely for over thirty years.


KIM is the founder of Healing in the Willows, the retreats company hosting Working with the Shadow, which he developed in 2014 in collaboration with Boonath, who he assists on the retreat.
Kim discovered Yoga in 2005, following a burn out at work that brought him closer to the spiritual realm. Kim had spent over 10 years coordinating international environmental campaigns in Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin & consulted for major environmental NGOs, including Greenpeace, WWF, Friends of the Earth, ActionAid, and many others.
Kim has practiced Yoga with many teachers from many different modern styles of Yoga (including Iyengar, Astanga, Vinasa, Bikram, Sivananda, Scaravelli, Kundalini) all over Europe, India and further afield. In 2011 Kim set up a first yoga collective in Berlin which he then expanded to a new location in 2013, in one of the economically deprived areas of town that was undergoing gentrification. The collective brought together a variety of local teachers to promote yoga on a donation basis within the surrounding community unable to afford the increasing cost of living.
It was in Berlin that Kim met Boonath, and through Boonath he was shown the full scope & potential of Yoga. Boonath’s rare and ancient Tantric lineage revolutionised Kim’s understanding of Yoga and approach to healing, both on an individual and collective level.
Since then Kim has been collaborating with Boonath on developing Working with the Shadow.
Kim’s personal interest is brigning the Shadow work closer to his ecological calling, and explore the ways in which one’s own pain might help us better understand our relationship with Mother Earth. The Shadow work focus on Personal Power lends itself well to supporting us move out of a state of apathy and disempowerment and discover ways of taking action in the World beyond the mere cosmetic greenwashing of ‘consumer choices’ or ‘sustainable living’.

“Two years ago I went on a deeply self-
& life-affirming yoga retreat called “Working with the Shadow.”
Boonath, the teacher, shared a very different yoga experience than I had ever had
& it was profoundly beautiful… and challenging!
One of the chants stayed with me
& ended up on the song “Remain the Sea” on my album Land of Gold.
I urge anyone interested to check out their upcoming retreats.”

Anoushka Shankar
Musician | India/UK

“I cannot begin to describe
how beautiful the location is…”

Hotel Manager | UK


Single roomYou will stay in the renovated historical apartments of Querceto, a millenary hamlet purched on the edge of Tuscany’s largest National Park, Monte Rufoli.
Each apartment hosts 4-6 participants in single & double rooms, but renting private apartments is also possible for those searching a quieter experience.
Located on the Etruscan Coast, Querceto is just a short drive away from beautiful and secluded Mediterranean beaches, which make for a perfect holiday for those wishing to extend their stay. The closest train station is Cecina, a short train journey from Pisa airport. We organise airport transfers from PIsa and pick-ups from Cecina station.


The diet on these retreats will be a traditional yogic mono diet of detoxifying Kitcheri – a mixture of half mung-beans & half rice, with a pinch of rock salt and coconut oil (with the occasional addition of fruits & vegetables). Used as a healing food (one of the best diets to rid the body of accumulated toxins), Kitcheri is an ancient detoxifying yogic formula used for thinning the veil between the spirit and the physical worlds. It is classically undertaken for 5 days, which is the length of the retreat. All meals will be Vegan (and Gluten-free) as Veganism best embodies the contemporary meaning of Ahimsa [‘non-violence’] – the very first observance on the path to Yoga.


20% "Late Availability" Discount.

(When you book by Friday 7th of June)

Committed to making the retreats available to the widest possible demographic
we offer a range of prices to match all pockets.
For those in need of financial support (students, the
unemployed or on low income)
we have two BURSARIES available on every retreat (up to 40% off depending on circumstance.

It is also possible to set up a PAYMENT PLAN if paying all at once should not be possible.
Prices vary according to the type of accommodation and include all meals, materials

and full access to the location’s facilities (yoga-shala, infinity pool, etc).


COURSE FEES (was €300).


€ 279.oo

TWIN ROOM (was €349).
Price is per person.
Two people in two single beds.

€ 479.oo

SINGLE ROOM (was €599).
Double occupancy €799
Two people sharing a large double bed.

€ 639.oo

One bedroom apartment.
Larger apartments available.

If you cannot find affordable flights for the dates of the retreat,
look for the cheapest flights closer to the retreat’s dates and consider extending your stay
either in the hamlet or the nearby cities of Pisa or Florence.
Get in touch for more details.


If you would like to join the retreat we kindly ask you to send us an email and tell us a little about yourself:

– Your age,
– Your background / profession,
– Your lifestyle,
– Any health issues (physical/mental/emotional),
– Previous experience with practicing Yoga, meditation, shamanism, etc.,
– More importantly,
what draws you to come on such a healing journey?

Please be aware that typically places are limited to 12 participants per retreat, so places go fast.

Also, we request that participants abstain from recreational drugs (including weed & hash) and alcohol, for at least a month prior to the retreat taking place as their use can seriously compromise the experience on the retreat and its outcome, both for the individual and the group as a whole (if you have an addiction, please let us know and we will find look for a solution).
The retreat is not suitable for people affected by severe forms of psychosis, however Boonath is available to treat people affected by psychosis privately in Berlin (get in touch with us for more details).

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